About 180 Therapeutics

The unique scientific approach used to identify our therapeutic drug pipeline for fibrosis is based on the original, ground-breaking science of Sir Marc Feldmann, a prestigious Lasker Award recipient who pioneered the discovery of anti-TNF therapeutics, creating a $30 billion annual drug market class today.

The discovery of TNF as a mediator of numerous immune-driven diseases originated from analysis of human disease tissue from patients with rheumatoid arthritis, which identified the key mediators of disease.

We are applying this same approach to the analysis of human disease tissue from patients with active fibrosis or scarring, which again has led to the development of new therapeutic agents and approaches which 180 Therapeutics is developing.

Although there are many different disease forms of fibrosis, our initial areas of interest are fibrosis of the liver (NASH), lung (IPF) and musculoskeletal system, including Dupuytren’s disease – a fibrotic disease of the hand. All of these diseases represent significant unmet medical need.