Sir Marc Feldmann, MB BS, BSc (Med) Hons, PhD, MD (Hon Causa), DMSc (Hon Causa), FRCPath, FRCP

Founder, 180 Therapeutics
Professor, University of Oxford, UK

Sir Marc Feldmann, MB BS, BSc (Med) Hons, PhD, MD (Hon Causa), DMSc (Hon Causa), FRCPath, FRCP, is a founder of 180 Therapeutics and Professor at the University of Oxford in the U.K. Marc Feldmann’s initial studies in medicine at University of Melbourne were followed by a PhD with Sir Gus Nossal at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute where he investigated in vitro immune responses and immune regulation. Subsequent work in London led to the generation of a new hypothesis for mechanisms of autoimmunity linking up regulated antigen presentation and cytokine expression. Testing this hypothesis led to the discovery, with his colleague Ravinder Maini, of the pivotal role of TNF in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), which was established by studying synovial cultures from patients, animal models and clinical trials. This major discovery has revolutionized therapy not only of RA but other chronic inflammatory diseases and helped change the perception of monoclonal antibodies from niche products to a main stream therapeutic category. Current interests are to work with colleagues to define new treatments for unmet needs, e.g. fibrosis and fractures with Prof. Nanchahal. The other major interest is towards more cost-effective therapy of RA and trying to get closer to a cure. Professor Feldmann has received numerous international awards for this pioneering work including the Crafoord Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy, and the Albert Lasker Clinical Medical Research Award, together with Professor Sir Ravinder Maini. In addition, Professor Feldmann has been Knighted by the Queen of England for this work and in 2007 he was named European Inventor of the Year in the lifetime achievement category, the first time this award was given for biomedicine. He is a member of a number of prestigious academies of science, the Royal Society and Academy of Medical Science in UK, the National Academy of Science USA as a foreign associate, and the Australian Academy of Science as a corresponding member.

Glenn Larsen, Ph.D.

Founder & Chairman, 180 Therapeutics

Glenn Larsen, Ph.D., is a founder of 180 Therapeutics and joined as Chairman in September 2013, and currently is President & CEO of Aquinnah Pharmaceuticals, a company developing therapies for ALS and Alzheimer’s disease. Glenn has over 25 years of experience in business, research and drug development in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, including raising approximately $80 million in private venture and grant funding. Glenn has been closely involved with the commercial registration of five biologics and advancing over 15 new biologic or small molecule chemical entities to clinical development. Past positions include Vice President of Musculoskeletal Sciences at Wyeth (Pfizer), directing R&D for the second largest therapeutic area in the fields of arthritis, inflammation and tissue regeneration. Glenn also co-chaired the Musculoskeletal Therapeutic Franchise with responsibility for directing Wyeth’s global commercial and development efforts for Enbrel, an anti-TNF therapeutic, and was a member of Wyeth’s Executive Global Development Team, responsible for directing all of Wyeth’s therapeutic programs. Dr. Larsen also served as Vice President of Preclinical Research and Development at Genetics Institute, responsible for all preclinical activities and regulatory requirements needed to identify and advance drug candidates to clinical trials for evaluation in the fields of oncology, inflammation, immunology, hemophilia, hematopoiesis and tissue regeneration, including the BMP-2 (Infuse) bone osteoinduction program. Dr. Larsen also served on the Board of Directors of Hydra Biosciences and held other senior executive roles at Hydra Biosciences and SpringLeaf Therapeutics. Dr. Larsen received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Stony Brook University and is a PMD graduate of Harvard Business School.

Jagdeep Nanchahal, Ph.D., FRCS (Plast), FRACS

Founder, 180 Therapeutics
Professor, University of Oxford, UK

Jagdeep Nanchahal, Ph.D., FRCS(Plast), FRACS is a founder and Chief Scientific Officer of 180 Therapeutics and Professor at the University of Oxford in the U.K. Jagdeep Nanchahal, B.Sc (Hons), M.B.,B.S. Ph.D., FRCS(Plast), FRACS, completed his Ph.D. as a medical student and graduated from the University of London. He went on to complete his surgical training in reconstructive plastic surgery in the UK and undertook hand and microsurgery fellowships in Australia and the USA. He has a specialist interest in reconstruction of open fractures of the lower limb and surgery of the hand. In 2006 Jagdeep Nanchahal was appointed Professor of Hand, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University of Oxford and is an honorary consultant surgeon at Oxford University Hospitals. He led the group that wrote the ‘Standards for the Management of Open Fractures of the Lower Limb’ on behalf of the British Plastic and Orthopaedic Associations and is the plastic surgery representative on the National Institute of Clinical Excellence guidance development groups on complex (including open) and non-complex fractures. As a practicing surgeon he has unrivalled access to patients and diseased tissues. His lab is focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying common surgical disorders and he led the team that elucidated the signaling mechanisms that control localized fibrotic disorders such as Dupuytren’s disease and fracture healing.

Robert Schaub

Robert Schaub, Ph.D.

Chief Development Officer, 180 Therapeutics

Robert Schaub, Ph.D. has over 35 years of pharmaceutical leadership experience, and has held senior and executive level positions at numerous pharmaceutical companies, including; NKT Therapeutics, Archemix, Wyeth (Pfizer), Genetics Institute, and Upjohn. Bob’s expertise spans key areas of pharmaceutical drug discovery and development, especially in the development of biologic protein therapeutics. At Genetics Institute/Wyeth (Pfizer) his group was responsible for development activities that led to the marketing approval of three biologic drugs: factor IX (BeneFIX®); Interleukin-11 (Neumega®); and factor VIII (ReFacto®). Bob also led preclinical development activities for additional biologic and small molecule drugs that entered development for thrombosis, bone growth, oncology, inflammation and infectious disease. In addition, at Archemix he advanced a first in class anti-von Willebrand aptamer (ARC1779) from discovery to Phase II clinical trials as well as an anti-TFPI aptamer (ARC19499/BAX499) treatment for hemophilia which entered clinical development and was acquired by Baxter (Baxalta/now Shire). At NKT Therapeutics, he was part of a team evaluating an innovative anti-inflammatory approach in sickle cell disease using a depleting antibody targeting the iNKT cell. NKTT120 completed a successful Phase Ib trial in stable sickle patients in 2015. Dr. Schaub has over 150 peer reviewed scientific publications, and is an inventor on 8 issued patents. Bob obtained his B.S. from the University of Nevada and Ph.D. from Washington State University followed by Heart Association and NIH fellowships.

Robert Kamen, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor, 180 Therapeutics

Robert Kamen, Ph.D., joined 180 Therapeutics as a Scientific Advisor in August 2014 and brings more than 30 years of leadership experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Formerly he was president of Abbott Bioresearch Center, where he oversaw the discovery and production of anti-TNF biologic Humira®, the first fully human antibody product to achieve marketing approval and is now the world’s top selling pharmaceutical with ~$10 billion in annual sales (2013). He was also a member of the Abbott Pharmaceuticals Executive Management Committee. Dr. Kamen was the president of BASF Bioresearch Corporation for ten years, until Abbott Laboratories acquired it in 2001. After retiring from Abbott, he was chairman and co-founder of BioAssets Development Corp., a biotherapeutics company focused on spinal diseases, which was acquired by Cephalon. Earlier in his career, he led discovery at the pioneering biotech company Genetics Institute Inc. Dr. Kamen is currently an Entrepreneur in Residence with Third Rock Ventures, serves as a director of Harbour Antibodies BV and Lycera Corp, and advises other biopharmaceutical companies. Bob holds a B.S. in biophysics from Amherst College and a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology from Harvard University.